Philippines, Santander Cebu Island

An integrated diving school of German quality offers diving training in accordance with PADI for all stages, from beginners to diving instructors. We stage diving tours to the destinations of our divers’ choice every day. Most diving spots are also suited for snorkelling. Upon prior agreement, our work shop (for repairs), our equipment rental facilities and our air-conditioned classroom as well as our swimming pool are available to all diving instructors wishing to hold diving courses with their guests.


Diving areas


From Santander, we offer day trips to the Philippines’ most renowned diving areas such as Apo Island, Balicasac Island, Siquijor Island, Sumilon Island but also to Negros with its renowned diving areas at Dauin and Dumaguete, not to mention the fantastic diving areas around Cacares Reef and Santander which are known wide and far for their currents and thus, for its large fish. The area from Santander to Oslob and Sumilon is a whale shark spotting area. These ocean giants can be spotted at the local diving areas time and again and promise a truly special experience. Dive with the giants.