PADI - Diving Courses

Fees do not include costs for PADI material and PADI certification fees.

Try Diving in the pool

Together with a PADI Instructor you will complete the first breaths in our pool under water and experience the weightlessness. Duration of the program about 1.5 hours.


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Discover Scuba Diving Pool & Sea

First, you'll learn some skills in the pool by our instructor. This it is you previously theroretisch and then practically Explain and demonstrate. You'll have your first experience ever underwater. In the afternoon we have with you by a dive on one of our reefs in about 3-6m deep, here you'll find the colorful diversity of coral reefs experience. Duration 1 day.


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PADI Scuba Diver

This diving course ends with the PADI diving certification Scuba Diber and entitles you world together with a professional to a depth of 12m to diving. The course takes 2 days and includes 3 pool units, 3 theory sessions and 2 open water dives.


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PADI Open Water Diver

This course includes the content of the PADI Scuba Diver two more pool units, and two other theory units and two open water dives and ends with a schrftlichen examination. Duration of the course 4 days.


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PADI Adventure Diver Kurs

In this course you erfärste important information both in theory and in practice about navigation under water for scuba diving and peak performance buoyancy. Duration of lessons 1 day with 3 dives.


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PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Building on the PADI Adventure Diver you lead here by a night dive and a dive in flow and thus learn the important Ihnalte these types of diving. Duration of the course 2 days with 5 dives.


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PADI Rescue Diver Kurs

The PADI Rescue Diver courses you learn important skills & abilities to beat itself in a tricky situation to help, and also to help dive buddy. Besides the bahandeln cramp You'll also learn how to towing a diver properly, brings in onshore and these Powers. At the end of the course and the PADI EFR course is required. Duration of the Rescue Diver 3-5 days


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EFR Kurs (Emergency First Responsed)

Erste Hilfe Kurs, beinhaltet die Erste Hilfe für Erwachsene, für Jugendliche und Kleinkinder sowie der Einsatzt von AED Geräten und das Verabreichen von Sauerstoff. Dauer des Kurses 1,5 Tage. Zertifizierunge Specialkurs O2, EFR & CFC mit AED.


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Special diving courses

The choices are:

Digital UW Photo, AWARE, deep diving, night diving, drift diving, boat diving, Tarrierung in perfection, UW Naturalist, Aqua Fitness, search and recovery, underwater navigation, wreck diving. Duration of the course 1 or 2 days. The programe can be done by appointment.

Course fee base fee per course 3990 Php. plus. The dive 1600 Php.


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