Balicasag Island

With our diving banka, we can reach Balicasag Island in some 2.5 hours (depending on the weather).



The trip there already provides breathtaking experiences for we are often accompanied by large schools of dolphins or pilot whales.  Those sitting at the nose of the boat will occasionally spot flying fish which, startled by the boat, take off.



Balicasag is not far from Panglao. This is why a trip to Balicasag can also excellently combined with a trip to explore the countryside and people of Bohol.



Bohol, with its Chocolate Hills, butterfly farm, the smallest monkeys in the world and, not least, the Kwana River, make this tour a truly unforgettable experience.





Various different divings spots are available at Balicasag Island. A dive through the Black Forest area whose reef wall wows with large black corals and, above all, with its permament giant jack fish swarm, should be on every diver’s list.



Other diving spots include Cathedral, Rudy's Rock, Rico's Wall und Divers’ Haven, a sloping coral plateau descending from approx. 8 m to a depth of 35 m. Besides a large number of hard and soft corals, one can find giant barrel sponges there. Divers will almost certainly spot turtles and barracudas. Many moray eels call the wall and its many small caves their home. However, you should direct one’s gaze upward every now and then for rays and sharks sometimes swim almost unnoticed next to you.



We will gladly organise a trip with two overnight stays and diving around Balicasag Island including a trip to explore Bohol’s country and people.