Caceres Reef


Caceres Reef, better known as Luisan Shoal among its natives, is situated an approx. 45 minutes’ boat ride from the Dive Center.




The reef is located entirely under water and starts at a depth of some 8 metres. The average diving depth ranges between 20 and 30 metres. It descends to a depth of 50 metres.




Currents are uncommon which is why even diving novices can explore everything from the different access points. A wide range of slugs and invertebrates can be spotted here.





Apart from these, diving at the Cathedral with its colourful corals is particularly satisfying. Every now and then, one will spot scorpion fish and lobster in the many smaller and larger caves in the wall.





Corals, invertebrates and caves dominate the diving spots around Carceres Reef. However, it is still situated in the area of Oslob which is why, every now and then, one will happen upon the giants of the sea gently gliding past the reef on their search for food and sifting the water for plankton. But not just whale sharks glide past the reef: white tip sharks and manta rays do so, too.