We find a number of different diving spots at and around Santander.



Santander is known for its currents. These are partly highly unsteady and come from three different directions with high force.


These currents often meet at Cebu’s southern tip. These currents not only transport water rich in nutrients for micro-organisms but also for the whale sharks and manta rays. Every now and then, one can spot large fish at Santander’s diving spots.



All diving spots of Santander are located at the outer reef and partly descend steeply to depths of more than 40 metres. One always dives with the current. Here, diving trips always have to be tailored to the tides and the associated currents.



Diving along this wall promises numerous discoveries such as slugs, moray eels and - in between - a turtle of sea snake every now and then. Frog fish as well as scorpion fish and sea horses are not uncommon.



When diving, one should direct one’s gaze upward every now and then for one will often be able to spot smaller reef sharks as well as the occasional whale shark or manta ray.



Due to strong currents, some of the diving spots around Santander are not suited

for beginners.