Sumilon Island

With our diving banka and depending on the weather, we can reach Sumilon Island in 15 to 20 minutes.



This little island wows its visitors with its great sand beaches that make the island a great day trip destination.



Here, scuba divers, snorkellers and sun bathers as well as swimmers get more than their money’s worth. Sadly, the underwater world along the northern part of the island was badly damaged by typhoon Hayan in 2011. Even though the corals have come back and one can watch life developing everywhere, the damage done is still very much visible.


Diving and snorkelling usually takes place along the northern, eastern and southern side of the island.


While the northern and eastern areas have been affected badly, one can spot white tip and black tip reef sharks as well as schools of jack fish and barracudas as well as majestic mavericks every now and then at depths of up to 30 metres. 


The southern side of the island wows divers with its colourful coral gardens and the most diverse species of fish, crabs and snails. One disadvantage is the fact that usually, lots of snorkellers also visit this spot.


Nonetheless, both sides are worth seeing and due to their state and condition, very diverse. Sumilon Island is situated in the whale shark spotting area of Oslob and Santander which is why one happens upon these ocean giants every now and then.