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 PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

unser nächster deutschsprachiger IDC November 2021

our next english speaking IDC Novmber 2021

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Fees do not include costs for PADI material and PADI certification fees.

IDC - Prep Course


During this two-day course, we review the skills you have obtained in the Divemaster Course, complete it and refresh it.  This course is the perfect preparation for your AI or your OWSI or IDC Program and can take place any time upon appointment.





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PADI - Divemaster Course


This course brings your diving skills to a near-perfect level. It focusses on diving theory and diving practise, swimming, snorkelling and diving and is completed with a final exam. Duration: 9 days.




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PADI AI - Assistant Inctructor Course


In this course, you will learn how to prepare classes, how to present content and what you have to be careful about when teaching classes. The PADI AI Course is part 1 of the PADI IDCs and can be booked individually or in the form of a package. This course can take place any time upon appointment.


it möglich.



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PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Course - OWSI


This course builds on the information taught and learned in the course of the PADI AI Program. During this course, standardised knowledge, teaching techniques and problem identification and solution as well as further content such as PADI Further Training Programs and tailored teaching are refined. This program takes place on published dates.




Instructor Development Course - IDC

Part I = AI (Assistant Instructor) & Part II= OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor)


IDC - Pro

Part I=  IDC - Prep Kurs plus Part II= IDC (AI & OWSI)


EFR & CFC & O2 Instructor Course

 During this course, you will learn the theory and practise of teaching


-First aid for adults


-First aid for children and toddlers


-AED use


-Oxygen (O2) use


The course lasts 2 days and can be held upon appointment.




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Instructor Combo 1

consists of:

IDC Prep


EFR, CFC & O2 Instructor

duration: 2 days Prep, 3 days AI, 3 days OWSI, 2 days EFR = 10 days


IDC Combo 2

consists of:

IDC Combo 1

5 x Specialety Instructor Course, Deep, EANx, Night, Drift & DUP

duration: 2 days Prep, 3 days AI, 3 days OWSI, 3 days SPI. 2 days EFR = 13 days


IDC Combo 3

consists of: IDC Combo 2 incl. accommodation in a double room with breakfast for 13 nights.


PADI Specialety Instructor Course


The following topics are available:


Digital underwater photography, AWARE, deep sea diving, night diving, current diving, boat diving, taring in perfection, underwater naturalist, Aqua Fitness, search & recovery, underwater navigation, wreck diving. Costs per course: 7990 php.


The programs can be held upon appointment and partially after completing the Divemaster Course and partially after completing the Assistant Instructor Course. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



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